Cross-chain bridges functionality is part of the proposed XLS-38d extension (Not Enabled) to the XRP Ledger protocol. There isn't an official amendment yet. Until there is an amendment, the details documented on these pages are subject to change frequently. [Source]

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The XChainModifyBridge transaction allows bridge managers to modify the parameters of the bridge. They can only change the SignatureReward and the MinAccountCreateAmount.

This transaction must be sent by the door account and requires the entities that control the witness servers to coordinate and provide the signatures for this transaction. This coordination happens outside the ledger.

Note: You can't modify the signer list for the bridge with this transaction. The signer list is on the door account itself and is changed in the same way signer lists are changed on accounts (via a SignerListSet transaction).

Example XChainModifyBridge JSON

  "TransactionType": "XChainModifyBridge",
  "Account": "rhWQzvdmhf5vFS35vtKUSUwNZHGT53qQsg",
  "XChainBridge": {
    "LockingChainDoor": "rhWQzvdmhf5vFS35vtKUSUwNZHGT53qQsg",
    "LockingChainIssue": {
      "currency": "XRP"
    "IssuingChainDoor": "rHb9CJAWyB4rj91VRWn96DkukG4bwdtyTh",
    "IssuingChainIssue": {
      "currency": "XRP"
  "SignatureReward": 200,
  "MinAccountCreateAmount": 1000000

XChainModifyBridge Fields

Field JSON Type Internal Type Required? Description
Flags number UINT32 Yes Specifies the flags for this transaction.
MinAccountCreateAmount Currency Amount AMOUNT No The minimum amount, in XRP, required for a XChainAccountCreateCommit transaction. If this is not present, the XChainAccountCreateCommit transaction will fail. This field can only be present on XRP-XRP bridges.
SignatureReward Currency Amount AMOUNT No The signature reward split between the witnesses for submitting attestations.
XChainBridge XChainBridge XCHAIN_BRIDGE Yes The bridge to modify.

XChainBridge Fields

Field JSON Type Internal Type Required? Description
IssuingChainDoor string ACCOUNT Yes The door account on the issuing chain. For an XRP-XRP bridge, this must be the genesis account (the account that is created when the network is first started, which contains all of the XRP).
IssuingChainIssue Issue ISSUE Yes The asset that is minted and burned on the issuing chain. For an IOU-IOU bridge, the issuer of the asset must be the door account on the issuing chain, to avoid supply issues.
LockingChainDoor string ACCOUNT Yes The door account on the locking chain.
LockingChainIssue Issue ISSUE Yes The asset that is locked and unlocked on the locking chain.


XCHAIN_BRIDGE is a new field type introduced by XLS-38d.

Type Name Type Code Bit Length Length-prefixed? Description
XCHAIN_BRIDGE 25 Variable No A bridge between two blockchains, identified by the door accounts and issued assets on the locking chain and issuing chain. XCHAIN_BRIDGE is serialized in this order: locking chain door, locking chain issue, issuing chain door, issuing chain issue.

Transaction Flags

In addition to the universal transaction flags that are applicable to all transactions, you can specify this flag:

Flag Name Flag Value Description
tfClearAccountCreateAmount 0x00010000 Clears the MinAccountCreateAmount of the bridge.