Submit Cross-chain Transactions


Cross-chain bridges functionality is part of the proposed XLS-38d extension (Not Enabled) to the XRP Ledger protocol. There isn't an official amendment yet. Until there is an amendment, the details documented on these pages are subject to change frequently. [Source]

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  • The locking and issuing chains are both up and running.
  • The witness servers are up and running.
  • Set up a bridge between the two chains.
  • Enable the XChainBridge amendment in the rippled.cfg configuration file on both chains.
  • You have an account on the locking and issuing chain.


  1. Create a claim ID with XChainCreateClaimID , using your account on the issuing chain.
  2. Retrieve the claim ID from the transaction metadata, or use the XChainCreateClaimID RPC call.
  3. Submit an XChainCommit transaction with the claim ID, using your account on the locking chain.
  4. A witness server takes note of the XChainCommit transaction and submits an XChainAddClaimAttestation transaction on the issuing chain, attesting that the XChainCommit transaction did in fact occur on the locking chain.
  5. When enough XChainAddClaimAttestation signatures are submitted to reach quorum, the funds are automatically released on the issuing chain to the OtherChainDestination specified by the XChainCommit transaction.
  6. (Optional) If the funds aren't automatically released, you can submit an XChainClaim transaction with your account on the issuing chain.

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