XRPL Sidechains


Cross-chain bridges functionality is part of the proposed XLS-38d extension (Not Enabled) to the XRP Ledger protocol. There isn't an official amendment yet. Until there is an amendment, the details documented on these pages are subject to change frequently. [Source]

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A sidechain is an independent ledger with its own consensus algorithm, transaction types, rules, and nodes (including validators). It acts as its own blockchain, running parallel to a mainchain, enabling value to move between the two without compromising the speed, efficiency, and throughput of the mainchain. In the context of XLS-38d, a sidechain is the issuing chain, and the mainchain is the locking chain.

Sidechains can customize the XRP Ledger protocol to the needs of a specific use case or project and run it as its own blockchain. Here are a few examples:

  • Build a smart contract layer, powered by an engine compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), web assembly, or a Move VM. For example, a smart sidechain with Hooks enabled.
  • Build your own algorithmic stable coin with customised ledger types and transaction rules.
  • Build permissioned or nearly permissionless, centralized or largely decentralized ledgers whose assets can be traded on the Mainnet decentralized exchange .


  • Can I clone the rippled UNL to sync a sidechain node with? No. Sidechains use their own validators and must use a separate UNL.
  • So, would mainchain validators need to vote on sidechain transactions? No. Nodes on the mainchain have no knowledge of the sidechain. Door accounts on a mainchain are treated as standard multi-signature accounts.
  • Can I roll up transactions and have an entry on the mainchain? Transactions on a sidechain aren't visible to nodes on the mainchain. Only transactions submitted from the sidechain door account to a destination on the mainchain are visible and will have an entry on the mainchain.
  • When will sidechains be available? Cross-chain bridges and sidechains have been proposed to the XRPL community with XLS-38d . You can test cross-chain bridge features on the sidechain devnet , using the public locking and issuing chains. You can also use the xbridge-cli tool to set up your own sidechain and witness servers to connect to the locking chain on sidechain devnet .