Price Oracle functionality is part of the proposed XLS-47d extension to the XRP Ledger protocol. You can use these functions on test networks for now. Until there is an amendment in a stable release, the details documented on these pages are subject to change.

Delete an Oracle ledger entry.

Example OracleDelete JSON

  "TransactionType": "OracleDelete",
  "Account": "rsA2LpzuawewSBQXkiju3YQTMzW13pAAdW",
  "OracleDocumentID": 34

OracleDelete Fields

Field JSON Type Internal Type Required? Description
Account String AccountID Yes This account must match the account in the Owner field of the Oracle object.
OracleDocumentID String UInt32 Yes A unique identifier of the price oracle for the Account.

Error Cases

Besides errors that can occur for all transactions, OracleDelete transactions can result in the following transaction result codes.

Error Code Description
tecNO_ENTRY The Oracle object doesn't exist.